Meet the Jailer

Change of Ownership

The police station itself was closed here in 1972 and the last court session sat here on 24th October 1985. The end of an era!

It was sold to Ecclesiastical Insurance Group in 1986 and used for their computer mainframe, archive records store and disaster recovery unit.

The Year 2003 - New Inmates Arrive!

In September 2003 the Jail was purchased by its new owners and refurbished partly as a Baronial style family home and partly to house one of the world’s largest and finest private collections of crime related memorabilia, ephemera and curiosities - ‘The Crime Through Time Collection’.

Andy Jones, some say controversial owner of the Jail and the collection, inherited with the property the title of ‘Master of the Gaol’ and his wife Nicola (‘the boss’), the flattering title of ‘Matron’. They moved into the property along with their six children in September 2004.